Daily Tasks

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Daily Tasks are tasks, which one we can make once per day. They rely on killing a certain number of monsters.

The type of randomly selected monster to kill depends on our level.

To start the daily task, we have to go to the planet Vegeta and talk with Shado



To start a task, we have to say: hi -> task
To give it back finished task, we have to say: hi -> report

As a reward, we get a certain amount of cash and experience.

Also for each completion daily task get random amount (50 - 100) so-called. Summon Points. Amount of owned points can be check with command !dtask

These points we can use for summons monsters like: Brolly, Cooler, Janemba. It help us with faster finishing Paikuhan Quest and Shadow Quest. Additionally owning 500 summon points is require to do Titanium Piramid Quest.

To use Summon Points to summon monster, we have to go to his standard respawn and stand at blue flame.

Click right on the flame and monster become respawn.


Attention! Amount taken Summon Points depends on the number of people standing by the flame!