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You can get a lot of items on PrioGames. For ease of searching, they are split up into categories.

Armor Equipment: Weapons: Other Equipment: Others:
Paikuhan Turban.PNG Helmets Ultimate sword.png Swords Brolly Necklace.png Necklaces & Robes Senzu Beans.png Support
Oblivion Armor.PNG Armors Ultimate Glover.gif Glovers Potara Earrings.png Earrings Sign Of Karma.PNG Useful Items
Azure Legs.PNG Legs Ultimate Ball.PNG Blasts & Balls Payment Currency: Salamandra Tail.PNG Items for Quests
Kaddish Boots.PNG Boots Tenshin Band.PNG Bands Zeni bill.gif Currency Ham.png Food
Kibito Belt.PNG Belts Premium Points Scroll.png Alternative Currency Dragon Ball Backpack.png Containers