Earth Dragon Ball System

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When you summon the Shenron, other people can steal your wish, so be careful and find a remote spot where no one will find you to use it!

What is it about?

When you collect 7 Dragon Balls, you will be able to summon Shenron which will fulfill one of your many wishes.

How to get a Dragon Ball?

Randomly throughout the day a Dragon Ball has a chance to land on the Earth.
When this occurs a statement as such will pop up : "Dragon ball has arrived on earth".
The first person who found a Dragon Ball can pick it up and claim it theirs.

How to locate a Dragon Ball?

To locate a Dragon Ball Dragon Ball.PNG you are going to need a Dragon Ball Radar.
It can be bought from Bulma and the cost of it is 15 Zeni Bills.

Bakcpack quest minimapa.png

Backpack quest.png

When the Dragon Ball RadarDragon Ball Radar.PNG is used a message on screen will appear in green specifying the position of the Dragon Ball relative to you.
Every use of the radar will cost you 95% of your ki.

How to summon the Shenron?

When we collect 7 Dragon Balls we can use them and the Shenron will appear.


What are the rewards available?

We choose one of the options below: