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Event arena

Event arena is special place where people from administration can organize any kind of event for players. Events are performed with an earlier announcement or spontaneously (smaller events). Entrance to the arena is unlocked only when events are organized and it is located on the vegeta planet next to the capsules, more specifically here:

Wejscie en.png


Map of event arena looks as follows:

Arena en.png

As you can see on the screen, map is divided on few parts. Every part is designed for different kind of event.

  • S start
  • 1 H/l event.
  • 2 1/2.2/2.3 monster event arena successively for lvls 500+/1-250/200-500.
  • 3 Parcel event.
  • 4 OX event.
  • 5 Dice event.
  • 6 Monster dice event.

in places not marked with numbers, events do not take place, they serve as a "hall".


Here's short description for every event.

H/L event

Event organisator is standing in the middle of a special arena and draws numbers from 1 to 6 with the dice. The arena is divided into two parts, H corresponding to the number 4-6 and L corresponding to the number 1-3. Players standing in the field L, if the organizer draws the number 5, are removed from the arena until the end of the round. The game is continued until 1 person who takes the prize.

Monster Event Probably the most common event, it consists in creating monsters by administration for players to fight. Certain monsters that can not be found anywhere else can appear on the arena, for example: Gogeta. As it was described in the previous section, the event is divided into several lvl categories so that the organisator can adjust the strength of the monsters to the strength of the players.

Some important information about the arenas

  • death in the arena means death in the game same as a regular death from monsters
  • in the 1-250 arena, pvp is turned off, while 200-500 and 500+ arenas have pvp turned on so you can attack and kill other players
  • in the 500+ arena there are various "obstructions" in the form of death robots or spikes.
  • the organizers are always open for your suggestions, for example if you see that there are 3 commando bosses and there isn't any boss wolf, just tell the organisator about it. Maybe he forgot to spawn it!

Parcel Event Event often organized by Admin Dymek in the past. Organisator puts various valuable items inside random parcels on the arena and then opens it for players to find the items.

O/X Event The organizator gives a question with only 2 answers, yes/true (field O) or no/false (field X). Players have only few seconds to think which field they have to choose. If they chose wrong, they will be kicked of arena. The game is continued untill one player wins or when the organisator announces draw and distributes the prizes equally between the players or chose the winner randomly.

Dice Event A well-known and loved dice event. The organisator stands at the end of the maze with the dice and the players go to him one by one. Player who is next to organisator say a number from 1 to 6, if they guess they get a reward if they don't they are thrown out of the arena.

Monster Dice event An unique event invented by the arena's creator. The exact rules are given when the event is organized.

  • this event is always announced a few days before his place.