Namek Dragon Ball System

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When you summon the Porunga, other people can steal your wish, so be careful and find a remote spot where no one will find you to use it!

What is it about?

When we collect 7 Namek Dragon Balls we can summon Porunga. He will fulfill our one wish.

How to get the Namek Dragon Balls?

Every day of the week at 6 AM CET & 6 PM CET On the planet Namek a Namek Dragon Ball Boss appears.
The boss spawns up to 3 Super Elder Nameks for an additional challenge to kill the BOSS.
When the Namek Dragon Ball Boss is killed, it changes itself into a Namek Dragon Ball with the corresponding stars and then can be picked up off the floor.

How to find the Namek Dragon Ball?

The boss Spawns on top of the Buildings located in the North-West city on the Planet Namek.

How to summon the Porunga?

When we collect 7 Namekian Dragon Balls we can use them and the Porunga will appear.

What are the rewards available?

We choose one of the options below: